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© natARTlie 2019

Hi There!

Welcome! I promise it'll be interesting


I must warn you, I'm not an academic at all. I'd say I'm more of a rebellious conservator. I also don't consider myself an expert in all things paper, but I'm learning. And it's this learning that I want to share here.
This is a space where I divulge my findings, mistakes, and successes as I navigate through the field of paper and art making, with a sprinkling of paper conservation-related tips here and there (it's what I do for a living, after all...).
About Me
Apparently, I've always been into patterns (check out my slideshow to the right if you're on a desktop, or below if you're on a mobile device). That makes sense, considering my childhood and adolescence in the Dominican Republic. A colorful, bright and hot place making way for color-saturated patterns in my work.
Fast forward to my early 20s, I earned a BFA in Illustration from Parsons. Then skip ahead to late 20s, and you'll see me getting an MA in Paper Conservation, like a boss! Now I spend my early mornings (dawns) making art and figuring out what it means to be an artist, my days as the conservator at the UConn Library, and my evenings getting my butt kicked by static trapeze and other circus classes.
Here are the things I'm interested in:
paper-related activities and art, teaching, circus, and cats.
Here's my mission for the site/my blog:
I aim to demystify what I know about paper and paper conservation through non-stuffy means and to figure out for once and for all, what it takes to be a successful artist. Let's figure it out together!
Here's what I used to do:
I started making maps, which you can take a look at here and I dabbled in surface pattern and hand lettering (check out the slideshow to the right if you're on a desktop, or below if you're on a mobile device). Then I took a paper making class at the Paper and Book Intensive in 2019 and realized I could combine my interests in pattern-making with paper making and I pivoted my website and my focus (this is what I'm currently up to, takes a while to re-do websites).



Handmade Paper


Coming Soon

Thank you for your patience

Custom Art

Do you require a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required before work can commence on your project.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I take credit card payments via Square, cash payments, Venmo or Paypal. Payments via check must clear before work can commence on your project.

I have a scanned image of your artwork, can I reproduce it?

Not without my written consent. I retain copyright ownership of the artwork, which means it cannot be reproduced for or not-for profit. If your custom map was created for a wedding or event inivation, the artist agreement will contain a section that gives you permission to make reproductions for this specific purpose.

Student Work

Work created in my time at Parsons features bright colors and patterns, much like my current style.